In the beginning


Mom has a doctor’s appointment that I need to go to this Friday so I put off signing up at any agencies because I didn’t think it would look good to say ‘Hello, nice to meet you, by the way I need Friday off’ on my first day of work. The last time I signed on at an agency I had work in just a couple days.

So I thought with the two weeks between I would see if I could get the on-line jewelry store I’ve been thinking about set up. And this weekend I had a class on how to start a jewelry business at Brea Bead Works.

The class, per usual, was awsome. But I came home with a list of things to do 30 items long. I thought I would be able to get the majority done before the class. Thankfully the class brought a lot things to my attention that I would have missed otherwise.

So far I’ve spent the greater part of each day working on something for the shop,making jewelry, logo and business card design, photographing pieces, deciding on packaging. Every day has been spent learning or doing or making. I can’t complain. For a long time I’ve felt that any day I made something was a good day.

One thing I’ve been experiementing with for a while is carving deigns in jeweler’s wax and using it to stamp designs. The tiny medallion above is the result of one such experiment.


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