I’m a tool junky

I kind of always have been. I’ve always like the feel of old tools. The ones you use most often, that are the most useful, tend to hang around.

As I start making more jewelry, I keep seeing the benefit of having the right tools. Paraphrasing Karen Dougherty, author of Metal Style Jewelry Techniques, if it’s hard, you don’t have the right tools. So now I can’t go through hardware store without wanting something. Going to my local bead shop can be downright inspiring.


This was one of my Dad’s screwdrivers. I have no idea where he got it. I love that it’s mended. When the wood of the handle split, whoever owned it put in metal shims and glued it together. Kept it instead of throwing it away. Used it. Now I keep it. And I use it. And I think of Dad.


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